Being good on a Monday, and it lasting all the way through til Friday, is pretty common among most people that want to be healthy, and work a full time job…

Want to know why?


When you’ve got someone telling you what to do, and you’re “on it”, it’s way easier to get into the habits and mindset you need to keep on track.

But, when it’s your own time, and you’ve got no one telling you what to do…

This is where a lot of people mess their diet up


For example:

Healthy 31 yr old woman, working full time and trains around three times per week, has two kids and needs about 1700 calories per day

She’s being good on M-F, tracking her calories using MFP, and is pretty good at hitting it:

1500 x 5: 7500 calories

Saturday & Sunday comes, and here’s what she has:

Takeaway Sat night, bottle of wine, mcdonalds breakfast, Roast dinner, couple G & T’s on Sunday whilst relaxing, popcorn whilst watching a film, a hot chocolate from Costa and breakfast on the Saturday as well

Total calories, one sec whilst I type all that in:

850 takeaway, 640 wine, 370 sausage mcmuffin, 668 roast dinner, 2 x 160 G & T, 420 Butterkist popcorn, 327 hot choc, 307 porridge for breakfast

3922 calories!

So more half the week in two days, or to put it another way, an extra days worth of calories being consumed every week!

This isn’t to try and scare, but to let people know that being so restrictive isn’t healthy. At least it isn’t when the long term doesn’t work and it bounces back in another form!

The simple way around it is, don’t be so damn restrictive on the M-F, and then let yourself off on Saturday & Sunday.

It’s more a mentality shift that needs to take place, stop the being good and being “free” on the weekends.

Your body doesn’t magically change on the weekend, it’s just waking up as normal

Doing the exercise you put it through as normal

and your version of “normal” is what will dictate whether you’re in the shape you want or not 🙂


First place to start? Tracking your calories so you actually know what you’re consuming in the first place!

Glenn x