Every now and then I get a dumb-ass idea in my head!

Back end of last year, it was to get into ju-jitsu properly, as up until then I’d just seen it as pyjama wrestling

So I get to the first few lessons, and remembering that I used to fight full-time, expected to be able to still at least hold my own…

NAH! (who the hell was I trying to kid)

It was an hour of me tapping so much, it must’ve sounded like I was trying to send a message in morse code. I came away with bruised cheeks, scratches on my neck and face, coughing and spluttering for air, and that was just the warm up!

But it did make me realise something, and that’s how I’d stayed in my comfort zone up until then, and hadn’t really exposed myself to new sports/ sucking at something for a while.

It forced me to go back to basics, and to do the things I didn’t enjoy doing, as it affected my ego

This is how a lot of people view the gym when I first meet them, they’re capable in every other aspect of their lives:

  • Work
  • Family
  • Hobbies
  • Friends

But can’t control their body & nutrition, and equally don’t want to look like an idiot, so never get started!

By forcing yourself to be humble enough, to learn from the complete basics is the ONLY way to actually progress though..

You might find yourself (like I did) saying:

“I already know that” <– but then not using it or dismissing it as too obvious

That’s where you need to catch yourself and just admit that maybe you DON’T know it

Just a thought, but it’s the only way you’ll figure out what you need to work on, and ultimately make the weakness into STRENGTH!

Moral of the tale.
Sticking to what you are good at isn’t always the best advice.
Change isn’t always fun.
Practice isn’t always easy.
Challenge yourself to step slightly out of your safety zone this
You will be surprised at the affects
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