let me ask you…

do you want to do any of the following:

– compete in a physique competition

– compete in a professional sport

– get to the next stage on your already hard training schedule

– drop below 18% fat for men or 25% body fat for women

if not?

then stop caring what you eat! (For now)

EVERY single appointment, Assessment, question I get in my inbox relates to ‘being good’, cutting out the carbs, sticking to healthy…

no thanks!

I’d rather still enjoy my bacon sandwiches on the weekend, drinks with my girlfriend when we go out for a meal, a few snacks here and there…

so please don’t try and over-complicate it so much, because the pressure you put on yourself with your all or nothing thinking…

is PRECISELY what’s keeping you the size you are!

so, what to do instead?

– put the damn fork down

– take LESS out of the packet and then throw some away

– only eat 80% of what you’re given

– make yourself less of a big lunch to take to work

The what we would call macro-processes, or big changes, do work!

But not for most people, yet you keep trying them… well now you know better!

calories and weight don’t come off in big chunks, otherwise the next time you eat a burger and chips, you’d put on a stone…

so it comes off in the same way…

start by writing a list of where you can “cut down” a little bit nd see how that  gets on with you fitting back into those old clothes!

Yes there are probably healthier choices, and you probably should be doing what your mum told you and eating more fruit and veg, but for now… stop over complicating it and look at the simpler stuff!!


glenn x