When you’re stripped back to basics

and all the day goes to s**t, nothing gets done the way you want it too…

and your Amazon delivery isn’t on time to top it all off 😉

What are you STILL managing to do that’s healthy?

– Is it you’re walking to work instead of driving?

– Maybe picking a healthy lunch instead of a treat one?

– Is it that you’ve only demolished half those Jaffa Cakes in your drawer, instead of the whole bunch?

Whatever it is, to YOU that might be “not even a thing”, but to someone else:

That’s a VICTORY!

So, there are some things you’re doing which could be worse, and are at least not causing you to put TON’s of weight on 🙂

I’m reminding you of this, just on a day where it might feel like:

– It’s hopeless

– You’re completely broken

– You’re out of options

– It’ll never work so no point trying

There is ALWAYS hope

Maybe you just haven’t found the right approach/coach yet?



If you’re looking for a great place to start getting in shape for Summer around work, download this 24 Rules For A Healthy Workplace: https://gfitpt.lpages.co/24-rules/