Quantity or quality?

You can probably guess my answer to this question by the attached picture 🙂

Let me ask you:

“Do you think you can lose weight by eating Mcdonalds?”

If you answered no, then you don’t know how the body works. If you answered yes, then you do! 🙂

Much like with money, you’ve got a certain “cost” in this life.

  • Water
  • Rent
  • Petrol
  • Light
  • Heating
  • Food

These all cost money, and it doesn’t matter whether you’re spending: Euros, Dollars, Yen or Pounds… you’re still spending a certain amount each day.

It’s the same with the body

You cost 2000 calories for example, which equates to: breathing, fighting disease, pumping blood, movement, thinking and feeling pleasure/pain… which over a 24 hour period, uses up those 2000 calories.

You go over that by too much, you get fat

You go under it “WITHIN REASON” you lose fat

You mustn’t go too low as your body still needs to work, which is why when you cut TOO much of your daily calories, you’ll feel crap and become prone to illness and all number of other horrible things.

But regardless whether it’s carbs, fats or proteins… much like with the currencies.


You cost a certain amount, so KNOW and work with that number!

8000 calories of chicken & broccoli will still make you a big tub of lard if you let it!


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