Sometimes I don’t have a clue, or rather “forget” the basics that I’ll spend half hour telling you guys, and then go home and have a cheese and pickle sandwich (or four) for dinner!

I had a client say to me the other day:

“It’s alright for you because….” I think she might’ve said because you’re young/ a personal trainer/ train all the time

**First off, none of those things make a difference**

Show me a fat thirty year old, show me a personal trainer who’s chunky, and show me someone who over trains and they’re all in the same boat!

But it did make me think, and it got off to thinking about what it takes to be lean…and I think it comes down to this:

When you’re feeling at your shittest, most stressed, unmotivated, had a long day… will you still pick up your trainers and head to the gym?

The specific action is irrelevant, but you get the essence of it

and sometimes you won’t, and that’s OK. If it was easy to be perfect, then we’d all just look like me 😀

But as long as you’re doing that more often that not, then it’s going to work for you, eventually

Yes, providing that there’s the RIGHT actions you’re taking, and it’s done for a long enough time to illicit a bit of sweat, or that you keep leaving enough food on your plate… but eventually it WILL happen

All the stories we tell ourselves, all the “it’s alright for them” just gives us an out, an external reason why we’re fat, or unmotivated, and this shit is insidious with how it gets into the whole of our lives, the excuse making, external blaming baby that is hard to get rid of (it’s in everyone)

So what is the cost of getting lean?

It’s not the “fuck sake I’m such a****”, “I’m hopeless, and there’s no point even trying” it’s not that harsh side of yourself you try to use to SHAME yourself into doing it with anger

It’s knowing that some days you will be motivated, other days you will just want to go for toilet breaks at work and watch Netflix.

But more often that not, keeping your goal in mind, and just taking one more step towards it!

Specific actions for anything you want to do, google it … we’re at a stage now where you can literally have any instructions on the world hop up on your phone, watch, try this:

Google – How to rob a bank (disclaimer: if the police turn up at your house, you never read this article)

That’s what being lean takes 🙂

Glenn x

PS. if you DO want specific actions and how to get there, if you’re struggling to get the results you want and ARE trying, click the contact button and arrange a consultation for personal training!