Some businesses are taking the next step in employee care, which in this case, makes “STEP” is the operative word!

Fitbit’s are being offered as part of the health schemes that some businesses promote to their staff to help them focus on their own steps and calorie tracking each day, and some even have certain incentives for the hard workers! 🙂

A few of the things I’ve noticed about Fitbit’s since working with them during my client’s progression are these:

  • Calorie tracking on these is WAY off, don’t rely on it to tell you how many you’re burning each day
  • Linking it to your My Fitness Pal app is a good way to add fitness & nutrition all together, but be careful to research which program you’re following
  • The workouts on Fitbit aren’t very accurate as to how many calories they burn

I might sound like I’m just bitching about these trackers, but as long as you’re tracking the right things then it’s a GREAT tool to use!

The things I’d definitely trust them on would be:

  • Sleep tracker (which is measured by your heart rate throughout the night)
  • Step tracker – hard to mess this one up
  • Heart rate monitor – a good way to measure how “active” you’re being throughout the day

So there are some great parts to using these devices 🙂 (just make sure you’re not blindly following what it tells you)

Any of these health trackers, apps that measure your calories, send you workout reminders or anything to come out this year… are all making moves in the right direction.

By bringing people’s attention to the basic habits they can build pretty damn easily, just by dedicating 30-90 seconds to it each time they get a reminder, its helping to build a healthier workplace.

Meaning that you’ll feel more confident & productive around work, less stressed by simply having more energy to dedicate to tasks… and clothes will fit better!

This is why G Fit’s Workplace Wellness Schemes have taken off so quickly, as it helps staff get their workouts done and encourages them to be healthy right in the convenient location of around work.

Vitality Health Insurance are offering a great of health bonuses now, and G Fit can now offer great advice through our partners at Just Ask, who work with Vitality.

They cover how you can get your staff focusing more on their health and reaping the rewards from just being healthier such as:

  • Free coffees
  • Discounted gym memberships
  • Free Fitbits & apple watches
  • Discounts on online shopping

They’re really proactive about giving back, as it gives people more incentive to actually build these habits themselves!