You may remember this quote from “Chicken Little”, you may not

I only got reminded of it after a member of my group workout sessions said the line, and I started thinking it was Winnie The Pooh… which was wrong!

But the reason I bring this up to you today, whilst there’s still the majority of the week left, is due to some people’s ability or inability to handle shit that’s thrown at them, and over react sometimes when it’s MINOR stuff being made into MAJOR!!

Where does this ability to cope come from?

Meditation? Higher tolerance for stuff? Smoking weed? Drinking? Walking in the park of an evening with the dog?

The answer is probably any and all of them, depending on who you ask

Everyone’s got their coping methods, and this is a quick reminder to sometimes take a look at yours:

  • that colleague grinding your gears in the queue in the staff canteen
  • Debbie from accounts never processing your orders properly
  • Guy on the train playing his headphones way too loud so you can still hear his terrible music

All this stuff will grate on you to some degree, but when you’ve got positive coping mechanisms, and the basics covered, then you’re in a MUCH better position

Us humans tend to think of ourselves as complex, unique and individual creatures. To some degree that is the case, but on some level, we’re all the same.

  • Hungry, sad, angry, horny, joking, frustrated, excited… we all get the same emotions

So what can you take from this, or implement into your day as a copy method that’ll just slot right into your busy schedule?

Here’s my two cents, for a bunch of ideas that you “could” do to give yourself some time today:

  • Walk home from one station further than you usually would
  • Grab an extra fifteen minutes to yourself in a coffee shop before attempting the commute home
  • If there’s a gym on your route, go in… even if you only sign up for a class later that week. you’ll have it to look forward to
  • Appreciate something on the way home – the graffiti on the train (must’ve taken someone a long time) a busker, the architecture on a building, frankly anything that’s had some love and passion put into it can be really invigorating when you just stop to appreciate someone’s work

This is just meant to give you a few ideas, as it’s all well and good smashing a beasting workout, going home and downing a protein shake and “GRRRRR”ing at yourself in the mirror… but sometimes you just need to take a couple minutes, reset and get centred again!

So I’d love to hear from you, about what you’re going to do this week to centre YOU more 🙂