I’m not going to start talking about nursery rhymes or fairy tales, but rather about the concept of the king/queen:

If you’re the one in your house who’s responsible for –

paying the bills, getting people ready for work/school, earning the money, keeping everyone calm, making sure there’s food in the cupboards

How the HELL does any of that happen if you’re not on point?!

It doesn’t

Quite simply, “the king eats first” mentality is a statement about self-care… your self care!

It can start with taking thirty min to yourself each morning, or it can be a 90 min prepped routine that your coach has told you to do (like I’ve been assigned by my coach) 

or it can be as simple as meditating in the morning…whatever it is though!

It NEEDS to happen each day, starting from yesterday 😉 

Think about it?

When you’re stressed, have no energy or pop about you… do things go the way they should?

You owe it to yourself AND the people you care about to get yourself feeling the absolute best you can

As EARLY as you can!

Guilty about taking time to yourself? It’s more selfish NOT to do it I’d say…

Otherwise when the “nappy contents” really hits the fan, where will everyone turn to if you’re not there ready to back them up, help them out and set things right??

Two things that will happen each day:

  1. Stuff won’t go to plan
  2. Your time will MELT away if you don’t carve a little bit out for yourself

So start making sure “the king eats first” today, and the rest of the kingdom will benefit


If you want to  start taking control of your mornings, our Workplace Wellness programs can help guide your staff into feeling more confident & productive both in and out of work.

We use supportive accountability to keep them on track, and would love to explain further about how this is already helping 100’s of other people each week using our programs.

To ask any questions about how we can help your staff, contact: glenn@gfitpt.com