The caffeine B**ch is a common problem as you get older!

The stuff that when your mum first let you try it, tasted like sick…

at least or me anyway

Now is a staple part of your diet up there with: Fats, carbs and proteins

Depending on your job, and what most of my clients tell me on their first consultation

The job gets more demanding, the kids sometimes bring stress, juggling other stuff like a social life and being a supportive partner all adds up to time,

and thinking about taking time to yourself is non existent!

So, coffee, that dark, sexy temptress comes along… and BAM, you’re on 6 cups a day!

(sometimes WITH sugar)

There’s even all these T shirts, meme’s on Facebook about it too: “don’t talk to me til this mug is empty” etc…

But all that’s doing is forming a vicious circle, and there’s a surprisingly easy way to make it better

Which, if you’ve either downloaded the custom nutrition plan, or have worked with us in the past, you’ll have heard of!

Dietary Displacement 😀

This is where you put hurdles in front of the stuff you’re having a lot of, and should maybe think of cutting down on!

**Don’t worry, i’m not trying to take away your coffee, i don’t want to feel the wraith of that monster**

But by adding something like a glass of water to BEFORE you drink any coffee, you won’t notice it (other than when your pee breaks increase)

However you WILL be:

Better hydrated

Metabolically faster

Less stressed

More energetic

and all for the sake of a couple glasses of water, and even then:

Caffeine itself isn’t bad Just to excess it might be covering up some stuff to do with your fitness & health!

Some alternatives to the caffeine would be a piece of fruit in front of the coffee, adding some honey into it instead, having some carrot sticks whilst you sip the black stuff (not a pint of Guinness)

I’m still having my four coffees a day, but that works for me and yeah, I’ve still got goals that I want to accomplish, but I’m happy with my overall nutrition & body shape

How many of you can say that?

Try what I’ve said above, if it doesn’t work, what have you lost?

Start sorting your energy out, and you’ll be much more likely to go training in the evenings or mornings depending on if you’re a morning person or not

Speaking of which, if you’re STILL struggling for time, make sure you check out the contact page on:

so we can see how I can help with getting some extra stuff done 🙂

Have a great day

Glenn x

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