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What Can I Expect?

Glenn provides a unique combination of the highest level in fitness & exercise knowledge.

This is combined with genuine interest and proven experience in:

  • Confidence Building.
  • Breaking Limiting Beliefs.
  • Exercise Expertise.
  • Finding out “Why” you’re doing something.

This is tailored into a customised workout and lifestyle program, that will become part of the new you and benefit your life in ways you didn’t think were possible.

Training Methods


TRX Suspension Training

Bodyweight Exercises & Toning

Workplace Nutrition & Diet Planning For The Workplace

Boxing & Martial Arts Coaching

Aesthetic/ Beach Ready Workouts

Metabolism Raising Workouts

General Personal Training Info

Once per Week Training

Throughout the duration of the program, the client is required to commit to a minimum of once per week training with G Fit.

This is in order to maximise the results of the program. All clients goals, requirements and expectations are taken very seriously.

This commitment makes sure that delivery of your goals is certain, and G Fit helps you get the results you want in the agreed timescale.

Application Form

G Fit operates on an application form basis. This is so G Fit can recommend the best package for you.

G Fit is built on getting fast and long lasting results. G Fit’s motivated by getting our clients achieving results they are proud of and gets all their friends and family complimenting them.

Therefore it’s important to know what stage you are at with your mindset and confidence, so you receive the appropriate support.

Min. 24 Hour Cancellation Notice

If less than 24 hours notice is given by the client for cancelling a session, the session will be forfeited by the client.

This is a stipulation for all clients to adhere to. G Fit takes any new clients seriously, so it is expected for clients to do the same and ensure success.

Unless extreme circumstances are the cause of the cancellation, this stipulation will be enforced.

PT Travel Exclusion Zone

G Fit is a mobile personal training service, bringing the gym to you. However, consideration is also given to distances and lifestyles of clients.

G Fit operates a travel expenses zone, for clients located outside of our ‘Travel Exclusion Zone’.

Make an Enquiry

To apply, select one of the packages below.*

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  • 4 sessions


  • 10 sessions

* No payment will be made at this stage.

My Expertise

I’ve spent over 8 years training clients, both on a one to one basis and within small groups.

I’ve also taught classes in some of the biggest gym chains in the UK.

Working with me, I now use the most effective fitness training methods and theories I’ve learnt over the years.

For G Fit Clients

Renew with Paypal

If you’ve not set up a direct debit – use PaypPal’s secure payment system – to sign up for more sessions.

4 Sessions: £220

Pay with Paypal

10 Sessions: £530

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