What Can I Expect?

G Fit provides a unique service combination of the highest level in expertise on:

  • Toning muscles
  • Losing inches on problem areas
  • Getting in holiday shape
  • Sorting out nutrition & lifestyle habits for good

This is coupled with the mobile personal training service G Fit offers, including:

  • Bringing the gym/ workout to you
  • Intense nutritional support throughout the week & whole program
  • Additional convenience around your schedule
  • 12+ different types of measuring and tracking progress, so you get un-paralleled knowledge about what you’re doing well and what can be improved

This is tailored into a customised workout, nutrition and lifestyle program, built around your schedule, beliefs, fitness levels and favourite foods… yes, these are still allowed!

G Fit conducts a rigorous point by point assessment of your goals, make big promises… and then deliver on them!

These programs can be as intense as you want them to be, or start from scratch if you’re looking to just get started.

As long as you’re sticking to what we tell you, you’ll achieve that goal!

Benefits of Personal Training

  • Program built around your schedule so you only need an hour, not a couple with going home to get your gear, showering after etc…
  • Unlimited access to an expert on nutrition, habit building, exercises and fitness, so when you need support you’ve got it
  • Nutrition help and guidance on your goals, whether you need meal plans, recipes or cooking prepared for you… we’ve got you covered
  • Fun, engaging workouts built around your likes, dislikes and goals… ranging from boxing to kettlebells, TRX & weight sessions
  • Your goals being broken down and delivered, as by working with a ten year industry expert who’s helped hundreds of people achieve their goals, you’ll be in a great position to get there

General Personal Training Info

Twice per Week Training

Throughout the duration of the program, the client is required to commit to a minimum of twice per week training with G Fit.

This is in order to maximise the results of the program. The trainers, in the first few weeks want to totally immerse you in the new you program, and this gets unparalleled progression towards the results you trust us to achieve.

This commitment makes sure that delivery of your goals is certain, and G Fit helps you get the results you want in the agreed timescale.

Comprehensive Nutrition and Lifestyle Assessment

This is where we do the majority of the work, as 100% of your results come from your habits, beliefs and thoughts about your life, whereas 80% of the physical results come from what you put in your body… which is why it’s such a critical factor.

Therefore, we give you structure that still allows your favourite foods, snacks and instead gets you thinking about food and diet in a healthier way, as well as getting you eating healthier and feeling more vibrant and less stressed as a result

You’ll be supported throughout the whole program on developing habits that will benefit you, sometimes working on things that have been an issue for years, such as the feeling of wanting to eat for the sake of eating, there is a solution!

Application Form

G Fit operates on an application form basis. This is so G Fit can recommend the best package for you.

G Fit is built on getting fast and long lasting results. G Fit’s motivated by getting our clients achieving results they are proud of and gets all their friends and family complimenting them.

Therefore it’s important to know what stage you are at with your mindset and confidence, so you receive the appropriate support.

PT Travel Exclusion Zone

G Fit is a mobile personal training service, bringing the gym to you. However, consideration is also given to distances and lifestyles of clients.

G Fit operates a travel expenses zone, for clients located outside of our ‘Travel Exclusion Zone’.

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  • 6 week programme


  • 10 week programme

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My Expertise

I’ve spent over 8 years training clients, both on a one to one basis and within small groups.

I’ve also taught classes in some of the biggest gym chains in the UK.

Working with me, I now use the most effective fitness training methods and theories I’ve learnt over the years.

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