Every now and then, I get a little message into my DMs or inbox saying:

“Glenn I don’t have any energy today, but I can’t miss training or I’ll feel bad”

My response is why do you think that? And their reasoning is usually along –

if I miss ONE workout everything falls apart…

no it doesn’t!

sorry, but it’s this kinda thinking that caused your problem in the first place

if any one event was going to a significant change, you’d put on a stone every time you eat a chocolate bar or drink a glass of wine!

…see how silly that sounds?

so, if you’re pushed for time, ill, lethargic or didn’t sleep, YES try and make the most of every moment you can and “smash it” sometimes

but other times, here’s a few helpful suggestions that I’ve got:

– take a nap, meditate, go to sleep, do some yoga, have a coffee and a read for ten mins, turn your phone off and go for a walk


try one of those, as they’re doing one of two things:

revitalising you

switching you off for a bit


and that’s what you need every now and then, even formula one cars go for a pit sto

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