I’ve heard this from a couple people this month already, and it’s kind of like I used to say to my old boss (when I remember that far back) so I’m guilty of it too

“Just tell me what to do and I’ll do it!”

You ever get that staff member, who wouldn’t be able to think for themselves?

They’d follow what you say down to the letter, and make it in good time and get stuff perfect when you told them how you wanted it…

But then other times when you’re really busy and need them to be proactive, it’s just not happening.

Might take five minutes, might take 50… but you’ve got to tell them what you want them to do otherwise they won’t do it for fear of messing something up

THAT is what a lot of people’s attitude to their NY resolutions is like 🙂 It’s not coming from a bad place, it’s just wanting to make the right decision and not waste time doing the wrong thing… based in fear!

But, when nothing gets done unless you’re TOLD to, two things happen:

  • ALL responsibility is taken away
  • There is always some doubt

Responsibility being taken away usually brings the word into a negative light: “it’s your responsibility” etc… but responsibility is one of the biggest things you can take with your fitness and nutrition goals, new years resolutions and will give you the power back. If you’ve got someone else to blame, or put the responsibility onto them why something didn’t work… you will!

Doubt will creep in, as much as we’d like to trust someone else… even when they’ve got the best results in the world. We still trust ourselves more

And that’s a double edged sword, because, let’s say I gave you the world’s most perfect exercise and food plan for you. There are still going to be stages where you think:

“Ohhh he doesn’t understand about that”

“I’ll get back onto it tomorrow”

“I haven’t got time for this bit, I’ll substitute it for something else”

And the “perfect” plan falls down the toilet anyway 🙂

Kinda ruins the reason you asked in the first place doesn’t it!

No generic made-up plan will take into account your:

  • feelings
  • sleep patterns
  • environment
  • fitness levels and injuries
  • loved one falling down the stairs
  • just not wanting to do it sometimes
  • social media addiction
  • wanting a cheat day

What’s the solution instead? Take small directions one at a time, make them a habit and then ONLY when you can do that for 4+ days per week effectively on autopilot, then move on!

SO, like any good manager or team leader would get his staff to do:

It’s a fine balance between researching and finding out the best information to help you get the result you want, so ask someone who’s got the answers to your questions

But after that, The responsibility’s on YOU!


Glenn x