Goat, chicken, pork, beef… sometimes all in the same sandwich! 🙂
So I’m back at Spurs once per week now, and to be fair… the five year wait was totally worth it for the stadium
And a routine that me and my dad always had was getting either a Jerk chicken burger, goat curry with rice or something like that from the Jamaican food shop on the walk up to the stadium
(which if you’re ever in the area, is banging!)
and the last couple of weeks, even after all the times being at Wembley
All the missed weeks without eating that kick-ass flavoured chicken
We went straight back into the routine…
Environment! 🙂
When something is familiar to you, the habit is EASY to keep going, and HARD to break!
So just like how I’ve gone back to putting on a terrible Jamaican accent whenever i order
You’ve got at least, I’d say 3 or 4 habits that are familiar…
But aren’t serving you!
Want help breaking them? Change your environment!
Start in the morning, nice and early and get around people that are on the same path
Working on the same stuff
Dealing with the same shit
THAT is how you’ll build winning habits 🙂
Which is why I’m banging on about next month’s Drop A Shirt Size Bootcamp so much
Ps. If you’re looking for a bit more help:
1. Ask a question, and make it a good one… I’ve got to come up with the content myself otherwise
2. Jump onto next month’s Drop A Shirt Size Bootcamp, takes just four weeks: https://gfitpt.lpages.co/drop-a-size-bootcamp/
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