First off, let me ask a question, do you ever google any of the following?

  • best fat burning workouts
  • how many calories should i have each day
  • ways to burn fat faster
  • how long does it take to lose 1 stone etc…

Then you click the open, read the title of something and think:

“That’s sounds interesting/really helpful/ insightful… I’ll open it and come back to it later”

Me too 🙂

These sort of actions, whilst they might make you feel productive, are really not!

They’re creating a mental bookmark for you, and if you keep adding these on… before you know it you’ll have too many


This is why people get overwhelmed, confused and frustrated, when they’re looking to achieve their ideal body.


“This is their year” <-they’ll tell the world, but none of the stuff on those bookmarks ever makes the transition onto your schedule or to do list.

And if they DO make it onto the list, they’ll never come off of it…

What happens instead?

You get pressured by the sheer amount of stuff that you’ve now “got to do”, and just DO none of them.

There’s one article telling you one thing, another telling you to focus on something different, which just seems to contradict each other, and confusion means you don’t know where to take that first step. Which leads to taking no step and just staying where you are.

So whats missing?


The prioritisation of the list gets rid of confusion. Deal with what’s in front of you, and be real about it. Short sighted vision is what you need here, at least until you get the basics down!

  • If you’ve got a big layer of fat in the way, there’s no point looking to get visible abs
  • If you’re having salad for lunch, and then attacking the jaffa cakes about 4pm… deal with the jaffa cakes, NOT a healthier lunch
  • Don’t sign up to the gym if you’re eating double your calories

…and the funny thing is, deep down you’ll know what needs addressing first!


We need to intro some questions so you can get rid of the crappy things on those to-do list’s. Which allows you to focus down on the ones that’ll actually bring progress!

So here’s a list of questions I want you to use next time you’re finding yourself looking at:

“The best fat burning workouts” “Best foods to help with energy” “Hardest leg exercises for gym”

or whatever it is…

  1. Am I going to use this in the next 24 hours?
  2. What am I going to do with it?
  3. What’s the biggest one thing to take-away from the whole?
  4. How can I apply this in the next 24 hours?
  5. What is the first step, and where can I put it in my diary?
  6. Have I set an alarm on my phone to make sure this gets achieved/used?

If it can’t be used in the next 24 hours, forget it

Glenn x

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