Encourage Relationships – Staff are lonely, well some of them, and they’re usually the ones that need help the most.

If work is somewhere they can at least be around people they like, this will give them someone to talk to, sometimes b***h to, and get it out of their system. The relationships that develop, having been an isolated employee before, make such a difference when you’re there and often times makes the job bearable. It’s important to obviously encourage this to be a temporary thing, as this could start to be noticed by other employees and taken in a negative way, which leads to my next point.

Encourage Conversation/ Feedback – Could be anonymous, could be as a group, but a lot of times people feel they can’t go to their boss, co-workers or even HR. This could be down to not feeling comfortable about talking to any of those people, or not believing it will make a difference…sometimes it won’t.

We’d all like to believe that our voices are being heard, but sometimes they’re not… therefore having a large number of ways that people can provide feedback will make them feel a lot more open about bringing up wellbeing.

Encourage in General – The oldest couples in my family, and the most successful couples that most people know, attribute their success to focusing on the positives, and not waiting for someone’s eulogy to finally give them some positives and a pat on the back.

Saying thanks, complimenting stuff, no matter how small, can just make the whole workplace a different vibe and really do your part of keeping it positive. Stuff get’s hard, people get pressured, and yes you’ll fall out with co-workers… but there’s never an excuse to only look at the negatives in a situation.

Encourage Development – Sometimes when I’m speaking to clients, before or after work, they feel trapped and whilst it may be a fleeting feeling, as we all feel like that sometimes. By encouraging further development from the top down, it’ll open up the chances of higher percentage of people to feel they can progress & improve their circumstances. Much like when they’re in the gym, if I kept telling people there’s not much room for improvement, how long would they stick to what I’m asking of them?

Bespoke Your Options – Each workplace is unique, and whilst it works at one place… it might not at another, so by regularly asking staff, and involving them in the decision process, it’ll keep the options that are on the table fresh and staff oriented. Maybe they just need some extra meditation, self-care and recovery time?

Fitness isn’t the only thing to consider, nutrition, financial, relationship support, well-being advice, outside work responsibilities… I’ve not got a clue about a lot of these, so I’ll stick to my lane of fitness & nutrition, but I’ve seen as I’m sure you have, the effects of someone’s situations outside of work on their mental wellbeing. That stuff can be all consuming if not confronted.

A LOT of insurance companies nowadays are offering proactive solutions to employee health insurance packages too, ranging from things like:

  • Healthy food shopping
  • Step tracking on fitbits
  •  Weekly challenges

so these are readily available if you want to look for it

Encourage Fun – Final point: I don’t care if you’re fifteen or fifty, fun isn’t used any more as much as it should be. Yes work is work for a reason, and you’re there to provide a service to someone. There’s always a different approach to something that seems boring or pointless, even that meeting you’ve got coming up!

So offer something fun once in a while, We’ve had a fantastic response to some of the charity based mud races we’ve put together for businesses, where the staff train together, raise money for a charity, and then run the race together.


Whilst there’ll be a lot of stuff I haven’t covered, I hope this has given you some food for thought, and if you’d like some more info about any of the above stuff, I’ll either be happy to answer questions, or be able to point in the right direction for finding someone who DOES know the answer!