Workplace Wellbeing

At G Fit we work with you, your company and staff members to put in place workable solutions that enhance both business and personal performance.


We incorporate fitness, health and well-being into bespoke solutions.

Companies we’ve worked with in the past and who trust us.

Finding exercise, and often the motivation to exercise or eat healthy, is a common problem among today’s workforce in the UK.

We help your employees overcome these obstacles with fun, interactive ways to incorporate exercise into their daily lives.

Working with your staff, we keep them motivated, while integrating fitness and nutrition into their working day.

The rewards of a healthier, fitter and more engaged workforce are tangible – both to the company and to the individual, which is why we work with the company from the bottom up, to provide bespoke solutions that fit into your workforce seamlessly.

Whether your employees are regular exercisers or haven’t exercised in months, even years, we have something to offer everyone. Our expert instructors can work with any injury, range of movement issue, or anyone suffering from a serious lack of motivation.

Exercise is vital to reduce stress levels, so by working with your staff to increase fitness & their knowledge of good nutrition, it shows that the company is passionate about putting their staff at the forefront of their concerns.

This provides a more focused and productive staff, an increased energy level and “buzz” around the office, making an all in all better place to work.

Workout Programs

All programmes are suitable for both novice exercisers and fitness enthusiasts alike. Individuals work at their own personal level and we tailor the intensity to their needs.

With our group programs, no two sessions are the same.

Whether it is circuits, weight training, flexibility and toning or classes such as Box SHRED, Energy SHRED, Lift SHRED or Core SHRED, members can expect to work hard but also enjoy a new, fun way to exercise.

We can either come to your place of work, or are adept at finding alternative venues that will suit the needs of your workforce, whilst keeping health and safety in mind.

We offer group workout programs ranging from:

  • Kettlebells workouts,
  • TRX Suspension training,
  • bodyweight conditioning,
  • boot-camp outdoor sessions,
  • workshops,
  • one-on-one coaching sessions

SHRED: We have also recently added our own signature brand of workouts, SHRED, to the corporate packages we offer.

On the nutrition and wellbeing side of things: nutrition advice or “lunch and learn” seminars are also available at the company’s request.

1. Lunch & Learn Wellness Seminars

These sessions are a great way to educate employees about lifestyle, nutrition, fitness and performance.

Our workshops and seminars are interactive and practical, and are a great way to introduce the topics to your staff in a manageable way.

We present workable examples and solutions that suit the needs of the business and the individual, keeping these concise and focused.

The following are some examples of the bespoke topics we offer:

  • Real food: “Ditch the junk”, ditch the fad diets and introduce good nutritional habits and tips
  • De – Stress! How to improve energy and performance
  • How to improve workplace wellbeing and teambuilding
  • How to burn more calories & raise your metabolism in the office

2. On Site & Off Site Workout Sessions

We run a variety of fun fitness and health programs that will suit your employees. We offer specific workouts, which are instructed by fully qualified and insured trainers.

The sessions can be structured into whatever time frame suits your schedule, and can equally be delivered on:
Morning “Before Work Burners”, Lunchtime 45-60 minute workouts or after-work to help everyone finish the day on a high.

These can be organised on site or off site. We can always work with an organisation on finding a suitable venue if this is a concern.

Workout Sessions Offered:

  • Boxing
  • Core & Bodyweight Conditioning
  • Kettlebells
  • Strength Builders
  • SHRED workouts as detailed here

3. Fitness In Bite-Sized Offerings

If you are looking for a quick fix of fitness & nutrition and a burst of exercise, we can organise lunchtime talks and workshops.

Held in lunch rooms or meeting rooms, these are a fantastic way to perk your staff up… especially on a Monday!

We can tailor the content to suit your needs, as it is always G Fit’s aim to exceed your expectations when working with us.

Please let us know what you are looking for and we can work together to make it a reality!