Have you ever tried typing in random things on Instagram to see what pops up? (Well I have)

and surprise, surprise!

When I typed in Foodspiration, that picture came up…

YES, it looks nice, and they’ve done the lighting really well

It’s got some colourful ingredients and looks the part

But probably ISN’T that motivating for most people!

Why do I say that?

You ask most people what their favourite food is:

  • Bacon sandwich, roast dinner, curry, fish & chips, PBJ, steak and dauphinoise spuds, Marmite (if that’s you please leave my page immediately)

But it’s never grassfed chicken and cous-cous with a side salad… MAYBE sometimes, but it’s usually the stuff full of:

  • Sugar, salt, fat and long words that usually mean genetically modified

So why is THAT popping up under food inspiration? To get people to eat healthier? It’s probably either making you frsutrated as when you tried, yours’ didn’t come out like that… or just thinking “I should be eating healthier”

…and then you back to your Monster Munch (Pickled Onion best crisps hands down)

So when you’re reading this, take note that it’s ALL a waste of time if you’re not genuinely getting motivated by it

You could be spending that energy & attention somewhere else!

Like planning a nutrition program that incorporates all the foods you REALLY like, and still gets results

Sounds too good to be true? Well allow me to prove you wrong on: 25th April at 8pm

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