This is a question I get from some clients who are struggling to get out of bed, want to avoid the pre-made salad they’ve got for lunch that day etc…
And it’s a valid one!

Surely doing something means your proficiency in it is improving and you’ll get more natural skill. This much is true, but does it ever get easier?

Well, that depends on your goals. If you want to just get to a size and then that’s it, then yes it does get easier to just develop habits and stick to them after a while. Just like how driving used to be:
1.check mirrors
2.put seatbelt on
3.tell dad I know how to do the pre-driving checks without him reminding me

Now it’s just get in the car and go, but the problem is your own ambition!
Damn that consistently perfectionist side of you wanting more and more, for this is what makes the other side true as well… it never really gets easier!

Sure you’ll reach a goal and get there after a while of focused effort towards it, but you’ll develop new goals.

The only reason that something wouldn’t get easier for you would be if you’re doing it around once per week, not consistently or not putting your concentration into it.
This alone would make it hard to see any significant progression in the first place though, so you’d never even get off step one!

The reason I’m telling you this is not to dishearten you, rather to give you something to look forward to and say that.

If you commit to this fitness stuff, developing good habits and being consistent with them, then before you know it, your difficult goals from now will soon be in the rear view mirror as milestones you’ve already past!

The next ones will be just as tough, but by that point… you’ll already know how tough YOU can be also!