Ever since starting working with larger scale operations, I’ve had the pleasure of seeing some of the most caring individuals dedicating a large part of their working week to something that they usually don’t even get paid for:

Staff wellness

It’s a growing culture that is slowly filtering out of the city, and affecting the surrounding areas with employees being offered a wider range of benefits including:

  • Wellness weeks
  • Group fitness & on-site gyms
  • Nutrition help and guidance
  • Free fruit & water days
  • Fitbit challenges

You also get enterprising companies such as JustAsk working with companies on their insurance to help staff lower their premiums on corporate health insurance.

So this article is to bring to light some of the things I’ve noticed, and how the company can degree their culture more towards “staff preservation & productivity”.

According to HSE, there were over 600,000 stress or anxiety-related cases in 2017/18 alone. Which shows that no matter what level people are at in their jobs, how “high-flying” they are, the problems that can come with it are real, and need to be addressed.


How You Can Do Something 🙂

Whilst a lot of the HR departments, sports and social committees & staff benefits programs are fantastic. There is always something you as an employee can do as well, so here’s a few suggestions:

  • Contact any local gyms for discounts – the staff member who you speak to can even pretend it was his idea to get more members 😉
  • Find or start a local running club
  • Organise a mud-run, walk or park jog for work-friends to do, maybe for a charity
  • Contact a company who specialises in workplace-wellbeing and have them come to you – super convenient, effective and the array of options will mean there’ll be something for everyone
  • Talk to HR about local nutrition companies or colleges – the companies often want promotion, or the college students have assignments to do. These can be made into fun days with take home recipes to try from either, and can be great mutual exposure for all parties
  • Step challenges like the Daily-Mile (which is a school program)
  • Sports massage drop-in clinics: where the therapist comes to the office & performs 5-20 minute slots throughout lunch
  • Meditation and mindfulness hours during lunch

There will be a hell of a lot more if I put my mind to it, but for now these are a few we’ve either helped companies to implement, or implemented ourselves in partnership with our ongoing customers.

I hope this has given you some ideas on how your workplace can be a healthy place too.

Glenn     (image credit: the wellbeing project) 

Ps. If you’d like to hear more about any of the above services, or to ask questions about logistics and examples of these. Either private message me on LinkedIn here: https://www.linkedin.com/in/glenn-shelford-16a79589/

or email me on: glenn@gfitpt.com