Why Choose G Fit? 2018-01-20T14:38:29+00:00

What Makes G Fit Unique?

G Fit started in 2013 by Glenn Shelford, with a scout hut and a few clients he’d managed to convince to train with him at their homes.

It has now blossomed into a five location outdoor & indoor group fitness business, which also offers personal training.G Fit War

G Fit helps over 100 people per week achieve confidence and healthy lifestyles. This is through up to 15 hours of workouts per week within group fitness such as boot camps, corporate fitness & working with schools.

FAQs: Fears and Concerns

What if I can’t… do an exercise, keep up or understand something ?? 2017-01-13T18:01:01+00:00

You’ll be in a supportive environment.

Others will be happy to help you to go at your own pace and pick it up in your own way.

Feel free to take a breather through workouts, but don’t forget you’re there to work hard and have fun!

I HATE running 2017-01-13T18:01:38+00:00

We don’t do a lot of running, and when we do we make it a fun part of the class, not just out there on your own… this is fun!

I want to tone up, but not get big muscles 2017-01-16T16:02:07+00:00

Whatever your goal, we’ve got techniques and ways to get you there.

G Fit specialises in putting lean muscle on and we don’t use a lot of heavy weights. Instead, you target your fat levels without getting body building physiques.

I’ll be the most unfit/ slow/ biggest/ whatever…. person you get there 2017-01-23T16:00:37+00:00

A LOT of people are unconfident about their training and fitness levels.

Rest assured, after having worked in the biggest and best gyms in the UK, I’ve worked with EVERYTHING.

So I will be able to help get you on the right track, whatever the issue may be!

FAQs: Practical Issues

Can I bring the kids along to Bootcamp? 2017-01-13T18:06:09+00:00

Yes, of course! All our venues are child friendly and you’ll just have to sign a disclaimer before participating.

Children are under parental supervision and are allowed to be brought along.

However if they’re proving to be a disruptive influence, you may be asked to leave the session.

What should I wear and bring? 2017-01-13T18:05:48+00:00

Comfortable clothing, leggings, trainers and hoodies all work well.

During the Summer months vest tops and T shirts are ideal and don’t forget water!

If you’re doing a kickboxing session make sure you bring inner gloves to wear with our boxing gloves.

What happens if it’s bad weather? 2017-01-13T17:57:43+00:00

We put more layers on! It’s only cold until you start moving 😀

Can I use different locations? 2017-01-13T17:57:58+00:00

Yes of course.

All your group fitness workouts are valid at any G Fit location.

Are there any other forms of help available? 2017-01-13T17:58:07+00:00

If you feel you want to get more out of working with G Fit, then feel free to enquire about our range of:

  • nutritional products & services
  • stretching programs
  • posture correction services

These will help you get to the next level.

Providing Help and Support

Glenn’s primary focus with building G Fit was to tackle the gym environment, where people were left with little or no help, to meet their goals.

G Fit empowers people to learn how to become self-sufficient with exercise and diet. This goes to the heart of everything G Fit stands for and is at the backbone of every product that is released.

The infectious, fun atmosphere of G Fit classes have been one of the biggest factors in quickly making it such a huge success.

“Glenn’s a personable, caring and motivating trainer, who knows his stuff.

He relates this to clients in a non-judgmental way, so you really develop your confidence and fitness.”

Glenn’s Expertise

Glenn with clientsGlenn previously competed in mixed martial arts, boxing and Thai-boxing around the world.

This is where he learnt how to burn fat and drop body weight, without losing muscle or strength. He also learnt how to use the body as a tool, to achieve ripped, lean physiques for all his clients.

Glenn’s worked at flagship clubs in some of the biggest UK gym chains, including Virgin Active & David Lloyd. He’s also learnt from the best local physiotherapists and osteopaths.

It’s this unique combination which makes G Fit work outs so fun, but also something everyone can enjoy.

No matter if you suffer from lower back pain, joint problems or other extenuating circumstances, G Fit can work for you.

G Fit: Hertfordshire’s Leading Group Fitness Movement

Crawling through assault cause at a G Fit bootcampWith high intensity, fast results and a family atmosphere, it will have you enjoying exercise like never before. At G Fit, our clients and customers become like family.

Throughout the year G Fit members regularly participate in mud runs, races and other charity fund-raising events.

Expertise with G Fit MumsAt G Fit all common “problem areas” are targeted with fun & inventive workouts…

So, no class is ever the same!

G Fit Christmas party!There are also coffee mornings, nights out, picnics and sports days on the agenda throughout the year.

These activities are all aimed at making it a lifestyle change and not just a place to exercise.

Glenn's expertise means he gets the best out of members of all levelsMembers come to G Fit from all ages, fitness levels and backgrounds. All wanting a place to exercise and feel confident about themselves, G Fit provides the comfortable and supportive setting.

G Fit is unique in its approach to making you feel that you’ve got someone to rely on, who’s kicking you up the butt, but also walking the path with you.