Carbs will always get a hard time, I could be screaming at the top of my lungs, but people who want to lose weight will always be trying to cut them out.

So what should you pay attention to?

My opinion (which is usually right) would say two things:

Portion Size for the meal

Natural un-processed carbs vs. refined/ GM’ed sugary ones

What do I mean by portion size?

Carbs should make up around 60% of your total food intake each day, yet whenever you’re looking down at your plate, carbs are always the things you leave.

60% of 1500 would be over 700 calories just from carbs I’ll have you know, which isn’t a small amount. This translates to some of the following portions:

1 jacket potato/sweet potato ß which counts as one of your five a day

A handful of rice, pasta

A handful of chips ß let’s be honest you’re going to keep having them

2 slices of bread

1 bagel

1 pitta bread (as these are more refined so are actually heavier in starch, which your body finds it harder to break down, so are NOT actually healthier)

1 handful of cereal in the morning – again, the more boring cereals, less refined ones like weetabix & porridge are better for you.

(Handful means an upturned palm like you’re holding something slightly larger than a tennis ball, and I bet you £10 you just did that movement with your hands) 😀

One portion of fruit would constitute to half a portion “roughly” so if you snack on a couple of pieces of fruit per day… well done you!

Stick to these for most of your meals, and you won’t go far wrong.

Non-processed vs. Refined

Anything refined means your body will break it down differently, it’ll usually cause a higher spike in your blood sugar and make you store more of it as fat than burning it off as energy.

The following should be limited where possible, frankly if you can cut the amount of the following in half from what you’re having now, you’re good:

Sugar in teas, coffees and over cereal

Fizzy drinks, if you have one a day it won’t kill you, but you could go without, be honest!

Sauces such as bbq, ketchup, curry sauce, sweet chilli are all PACKED with sugar. Any words such as fructose, galactose, syrup, starch, sugar listed on the ingredients is the advertisers trying to pull your pants down.

Golden Rules of Carbs –

Do bother about portion size

Do bother about cutting down the sugars, sweeteners and sauces you have… even if they don’t seem sweet, the probably are.

Do bother about getting around 60% of your energy from natural carb sources like spuds and rice.

DON’T bother worrying about card loading, carb timing, pre workout or post workout carbs, brown carbs and white carbs are a maybe but will still make a small difference where you’ve probably got something more important you could work on improving!

Don’t worry about juice in drinks.

Don’t give your kids a whole punnet of strawberrie, berries or whatever… it’s too much for them!

Don’t worry about having too MUCH fruit… seriously?!

Fruit is always a good snack, always!


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