Do you ever forget what you ate? All those calories just piling up!

It kind of feels like when you were back at school and your mum asks you what you learned that day and nothing comes to mind…

Calories seem to be going the same way now, and what I’ve noticed from working with loads of office workers, business owners etc over the last 3 years is that… calories just slip away!

Eating is seen as a kind of necessity to get out of the way so you can go back to whatever task you’re onto next. This is fine, but it certainly doesn’t help you start to tone up for summer!

The last time I had an office job was doing telesales, and they used to bring us energy drinks round to keep our mental states up when trying to sell on the phone. This was good for sounding confident and helpful, but sooo bad for the waistline J I don’t know if your work is the same, but if you’re sitting down a lot… there’s a few things that can help!

Awareness is HALF the battle

By simply increasing your awareness of what you’re eating, it makes you “face up to it” a little bit. Now please ignore the negative sounding “face up to it” but this is the hard part… most people simply don’t have anyone checking if they have a sneaky mars bar, packet of crisps and a red bull during lunch… yet this mounts up the calories and quickly!

Action Tip – Start saving alarms on your phone, reminding you to write down what you’ve ate:

  1. Just before you finish your lunch
  2. Either – right when you finish work or immediately after you eat dinner (if it’s at the same time each night)

Then, take an app such as My Fitness Pal, or simply a notepad and write down everything you’ve ate. This starts making you more aware of all the little treats that mount up during the day-

Please note: I’m not saying to eat differently at all, awareness is the key. Everything is ok in small measures, but a lot of times working with clients we figure out that they’re having a little bit ore than they realise… give it a try J

Every Coffee Means A Water

Simply stated, every time you grab yourself a coffee or tea… drink a glass of water. This will have the added effect of not only getting you more hydrated when you’re at work during the English summer, and we all know how scorching that it 😛

But, it’ll also get you walking around more as you’ll be needing the toilet. So it’s also going to get you doing a little bit of office exercise too 🙂

Action Tip – None needed, just start with one small glass of water with every coffee and tea. You’ll soon feel the benefits of being more energised and less stressed!

This is a quick blog but with a lot of useful info in if you use it… up to you, but summer IS getting closer J