So having a conversation with a client last night

Conversation with her sister about how she’s been getting in shape

Sitting around their coffee island and she’s asking:

– What diet you following?
– How much do you train?
– How do you cope without eating what you want?

and the subject of time comes up…

THIS is where I wanted to hear how she’d responded 🙂

See, you’ll have a bunch of twenty minute slots in your week, and how you use them, is a LOT of time…

20 mins each day, twice per day? = 4 hours 40 minutes per week

That’s a LOT of time 🙂

and that’s why I want to question people whenever they say:

“I’ve just got no time to even sit down”

Here’s some suggestions for your next twenty minute slots, you need to find them first obviously, but once you have:

– Prep your lunch, dinner or breakfast (just having your next meal ready is great)
– Go over your diary and book in Youtube video workouts
– March on the spot
– Run around the block
– Type your calories into My Fitness Pal
– Drink a litre of water
– Do some stretching
– Read a helpful article on fitness (like this one)
– Look at the menu of the restaurant you’re going to tonight, and pick out your meals… check their calories
– Go over your after-work drinks, and plan how to limit yours past going beyond what it “should” <– i don’t really like that word, but if you want to use it, fine 😀

I can keep going?

Or you can add your own in!

Even when the kids get home from school, challenge them to a squat contest and play “Last Man Standing”

There’s more ideas than you can shake a stick at

so USE your twenty minutes, and watch the results that come your way…

It ain’t got to be rocket science, just consistent little pockets of time that you’re going to use up anyway!

To be honest…

This is something we cover in MUCH more depth in the consultations we do, and if you want to find out more, go here and take a look at what Platinum can offer you:

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