You’re a busy mum, of course you are otherwise why would you be reading this?

I know firsthand what it feels like to juggle health, fitness, family and finances. Balancing things is tough, and building a healthy approach to all of those areas actually starts with fitness.

There are many reasons why, ranging from the boost in energy that exercise gives us, to the way it encourages building healthy habits. But this much is clear: It’s an area that busy mums struggle with!
No matter what stage you are at after the birth of your little one (or little ones), taking charge of your training will help you build momentum. More importantly, it will restore the confidence you need to get back on track with your goals.
Are you someone that copies everyone else?
When we don’t know what to do, we often resort to doing recommendations from loved ones. For many women at the gym, this means flocking to slow-moving cardio machines (usually with TVs) and performing the same half-hearted lightweight upper-body workouts. This approach isn’t useless, but it also isn’t optimal—and it definitely isn’t time-efficient.
If you have a busy lifestyle—and perhaps a few kids to look after—then you want to make every minute of your workout count
Do you have workout goals ?
If you’re getting back to exercise after a while away from it, exercise will cause a certain amount of discomfort. Unfortunately, when you’re in the middle of the struggle, your big-picture goal—losing fat/looking amazing/being healthy—isn’t always “real” enough to keep you going. This is when having small goals for each workout is essential.

Bodybuilders and elite athletes do this systematically, always aiming for specific performance markers: a certain number of sets, a faster sprint time, or doing the same workout in less time. Even just following a workout to the letter, rather than cutting corners or skipping reps, can be a worthy goal.

Whatever your approach, meeting or exceeding your expectations will keep your mind sharp, your healthy habits on point, and your physique headed in the right direction.

It’s a curious fact of life that we often end up sabotaging the goals we want most desperately to achieve.

In fitness, this manifests in many ways. It’s that moment of weakness when you get distracted and change workouts every couple of weeks, even though you’re far from mastering the last ones. It’s when you skip sessions for no good reason, dive into brutal workouts when you know you’re tired and probably not able to give your best, or going through the motions with easy workouts that don’t challenge.

Ultimately, the mistakes that we make when exercising are just part of a larger learning process. But only if we recognize them as such! Learn from your mistakes, and when in doubt, stick with something that has worked well enough, rather than reaching for something new and shiny.

If you struggle with having too many choices—which is normal—don’t be afraid to reach out to other people who have already achieved what you want, and learn from them. Someone else has already learned these lessons the hard way.

Just a little bit of wisdom from them can make all the difference which is why GFit’s Platinum package is the best option for you.

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