I’ve been struggling to think of an analogy to explain how people “should” think about food

with their habits, struggles, hydration and snacks

and I’ve decided to compare it to your school days…

Bear with me:

So to start off with:

You study every subject, everything from Geography (the equivalent of broccoli) and PE (the equivalent of dessert) and get a varied diet of stuff to take in… like most people’s diets!

*You’re allowed most foods, whatever you want, and can enjoy each one*

You have to have your vegetables and go to Geography, and it’s the same with most people’s diets…

If you keep skipping lessons, then you’ll fail the subject!

Kinda like if you kept skipping your fruit and veg, you’d feel shit 🙂

I’ll continue…

After a while, you’ll be getting to class on time, paying attention & asking questions, doing your homework and be rapidly learning and moving up to the top group of classes

Then it gets to GCSE’s and 6th form

**This is where you get serious and have to take it seriously**

MOST people will never need to get to this stage, you can just get better until you reach GCSE level, and be happy here

This is the equivalent of:

– Eating your three meals per day
– Making sure you’re eating more non-processed foods & enough fruit and veg each day
– Getting adequate amounts of protein
– Allowing yourself treats but not beating yourself up if you fall victim to emotional eating (remember we all    like a good glass of wine after a stressful day)
– Getting enough sleep & recovery between workouts

The 6th form level would be for people like: Bodybuilders, fitness models, athletes…

and if you’re reading this, you ain’t that! (probably)

So don’t worry about getting to ADVANCED level nutrition and fitness, when you probably just need to get and STICK TO the basics 🙂

Train a bit more
Eating right(ish)
Drinking enough water

Anyway, either you’ve read this and thought:

“what a load of crap”

“that makes a lot of sense” <–and since I’m reasonably smart, i’ll bet it’s this one 😀

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Enjoy your day at school 😀

Glenn x