“Hi I’m Pam & I sell Herbalife”
This was my morning last week 🙂
Meanwhile I’m subtly downloading Angry Birds on the phone to play under the table whilst she’s talking…
Yes, business networking in case you didn’t know
Is like a proper business owners’ Slimming World
ALL the elements are there, but it just doesn’t quite add up!
They talk about food, talk about body magic, or in the case of business networking…
They talk marketing & finance, selling etc…but there’s no one REALLY that successful…at last where I went anyway
So, why did I go back to this networking morning knowing all that stuff?
Ran out of options really…
Deep down I knew, I didn’t want to get these people to become clients
Didn’t want to even swap business cards with some of them…
But at least I felt productive
and THAT is where a lot of people go wrong with dieting
They’ll do something they probably know is a bit shit, but might get results because:
“This time it’ll be different”
But it isn’t is it?!
So where do you turn?
The comfort of the known vs. facing the scary unknown can cost people MASSIVE amounts of progress!
and this is where you might still rely on:
– Slimming groups
– Herbalife
– Endless cardio
– Cutting out all your favourite foods (whilst you’re on a diet)
It doesn’t work!!
So what does? The unknown! 🙂
and before you start telling me: you hate the gym, have no idea what you’re doing in there, don’t understand nutrition because you don’t eat that badly anyway…
THIS is what you get a personal trainer for, as half the crap you’re doing that is retarding your progress…
You won’t even be aware of!
Just stop doing those things (the ones you don’t know about) and you’ll see massive result changes!
Promise 🙂
Ps. If you DO want somewhere decent to start, take a look at my 24 Rules For A Healthy Workplace Checklist here: https://gfitpt.lpages.co/24-rules/