Whilst reading this article about fitness tools, (bearing in mind it’s already Jan) you might be wondering whether it’s time to start your New Years resolution yet, or whether you can squeeze one more day out of the Quality Street and mince pies you’ve got left over…


You can just finish them off and get them out the house, and then you’ll start”


So maybe put a bookmark on this page until you’ve finished the rest of the holiday food you’ve got left.

This list is going to contain the five top things I’ve recommended for anyone who asked me:


“What’s the best way to stay on track in Jan?” over the Xmas holidays.


Number 1: My Fitness Pal – for calorie tracking ONLY. The recommended number of calories from the app should never be paid attention to, as it will never give you an accurate estimation on calories… but it has virtually every food in every supermarket, and every restaurant on their database. So use it!

Application – Once per evening, set an alarm on your phone to remind you to type this out. Do it honestly & stick to it even if you have a bad day. Becoming aware is your goal, not perfection.

Calorie calculator – Here’s a great way to know how many calories you should be having each day.


Number 2: Move in the morning – Whatever it is, you need to burn more calories. So set an alarm on your phone (a lot of this will be tech based) to get up 10 minutes early and use this workout, your phone is one of the best fitness tools you have:

Click the link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PWEdJRRndkQ <– first one i found on Youtube… see it’s easy!

Application – 5 days per week, do these ten minutes regardless of whether you’re going to the gym, coming to classes with us (the recommended option, here’s the schedule: www.gfitpt.com/boot-camp)… the aim isn’t perfection, it’s consistently burning calories.

Number 3: Make a shopping list & stick to it – If you don’t buy it, then it can’t be easily gotten to! All my clients for this month and going forwards, just like they’ve been told so since we started, are told to NOT buy the stuff that they think will be too much of a temptation. Even better if you do online shopping as it’s taking the temptation away by simply unclicking certain items… use those fitness tools 😛

Application – I can already hear you making the excuses about kids needing treats etc, so deal with this in another way. The other way might need to be you getting the types of sweets you don’t like, or yoghurts or some kind of healthy snacks.

Number 4: Speak about it a LOT – The more something is in your brain, the more you’ll rattle it around in there and identify it. Talk to your co-workers, friends, family and other people about what you’re doing.

Ask them about their new year’s resolutions and ask if they’ve got any advice for you too… regardless whether you take it or not, the mere fact of you bringing it up in conversation will open your reticular activation system up to more fitness & nutrition based parts of your life.

Application – There isn’t a way specifically I’d recommend doing this, but please start to think about who you’re going to interact with the following day. Then how you can make it work in your favour J

Number 5: Annoy a friend – Pick someone who loves you, and nominate them to be your person you send your My Fitness Pal food diary to. This is going to be as easy as making sure that you choose someone who will be honest with you when you don’t do it, and will keep you on your toes. Make your friends into your fitness tools, and watch them do the work for you after a while for keeping you on track.

If no one springs to mind, then you can always make it count with me or Zoe. For that info, click here:  www.gfitpt.com/contact

This is by no means an exhaustive list, but take a look through these again, as it’s my best suggestions that come to mind, for making sure you actually stick to your progression.

Your accountability friend might also want to get involved and then you can team up on the accountability.