The amount of people I’ll see get SERIOUSLY pissed off when asked this question, and have their answer questioned is no joke 🙂

**Mental bitches**

The reason I ask is because I want to ask you now, WHY?

Why do you prefer a certain one? For years I’ve been all about Costa, and then re-discovered Starbucks

There are even lil phrases that become associated with it

Starbucks is too expensive

Costa put too much foam in theirs


But at the end of the day, it’s a coffee shop, so why do some people so desperately defend it?

They don’t own it 🙂

I think it’s down to sunk cost of their own investment

Kinda like how when you’re looking for a new football team for your kid…

Whoever you ask ALWAYS recommends their one

Wanna know  why?

By you choosing that one too, it also massages their ego a little bit and proves them right 🙂

they’re actually getting an ego boost from “being right”

Whether its football, gymnastics, Peppa Pig or whatever

Just try it, ask someone their favourite something, disagree, and then watch them lose their shit 😛 haha

Same with a lot of people’s diets they follow, they might even “know” it’s not working for them

Yet, they stay on the same track, and why?

Because they might’ve invested a lot into it:

– Time

– Money

– Belief

What’s the best flavour of gin? Bet your best mate would either disagree or have a slightly different opinion

Happens with everything.

Problem is, when it ISN’T working

What do you do then?

This is why a LOT of people fail when it comes to getting their fitness and toning up sorted out

They cling onto these ideas that its meant to be hard, or endless cardio whilst being good and eating nothing but fruit, veg and rabbit food


But I cant make you think that can i?

So how DO you go about finding these old beliefs?

Best way to start, is question your assumptions:

If you want, reply to this article on contact, and I’ll give you a list of questions that will illicit some of the beliefs you might’ve been hiding for quite a while, without even knowing it

Glenn x