I’m not expecting you to do all of these, maybe only 18 of 20

Here goes:

1. Down a glass of water before every coffee you have
2. Walk an extra train stop or park far away in the car park at work
3. When watching TV or anything with adverts, march/ squat/ star jump on the spot during
4. Have a piece of fruit before every part of your breakfast, lunch and dinner today
5. Go to a class, group workout session or the gym
6. Contact the friend you haven’t in a while
7. Write down three wins you’ve already had today, no matter how small or petty
8. Go for a cigarette break and don’t have a cigarette, practice slow breathing
9. Invite a family member, friend or your partner for a walk around the block tonight
10. Meditate (use an app: Calm is the one I use)
11. Stretch and move your joints whilst waiting on the spot
12. Roll your shoulders back and forwards whilst reading this
13. Tell someone you love them
14. Encourage hugs 🙂
15. Leave 20% of your food on your plate during dinner
16. Eat protein first, then veg, and then carbs for every meal
17. Whilst sitting, rotate your ankles and bend your knees, now clench those buttocks
18. Listen to your favourite song, sing along and don’t give a shit who’s watching
19. Appreciate how much effort goes into everything, the buildings around you, the pavement you’re walking on, the car you’re driving, someone built that with love and care
20. Thank whoever you need to that you can take the next breath, and the next, and the next…

Have an amazing day! 😀