Zoe On Weights

Recently we have been introducing more resistance and weight based training to the G-Fit group classes. A common concern from the girls has been that they don’t want to “bulk” up or look like Popeye.

Woman tend to spend many hours concentrating on the cardiovascular side of fitness and simply shy away from the weights and resistance side making it very difficult to achieve the goals they are after.

The reality is that it takes intense training and in a lot of cases, steroids, for a woman to achieve a “body builder” physique. Women do not produce enough testosterone to just “bulk up” so it’s much harder to do.

Women have something like ten to twenty times less testosterone in their body.  Testosterone is what makes the male human body develop muscle mass during puberty as well as giving them more body hair and deeper voices.

Men are born with a far greater amount of testosterone, so they are far better equipped to gain greater muscle mass. This is why female body builders need to use steroids to achieve there desired results, and end up looking like dudes.

When a woman uses weights in their training regime they will achieve a more toned result, a toned muscle is one that has had all the surrounding fat burned away through exercise making it more noticeable not to be confused with muscle which has grown massively in size.

Another reason why women don’t “bulk up” is that the process of bulking up also relies heavily on calorie intake as much as it does exercise in order to gain significantly large muscle gains a woman would have to be eating many more calories each day than are being burnt and the performing the correct exercises to try to convert the surplus fat you might gain into muscle mass.

If you’re a woman who spends a lot of time doing cardio and has a good diet, but isn’t getting the results you want or wants to take things further, then you should definitely integrate resistance and weight training into your workouts.

Or just bite the bullet and come join a G Fit workout, cardio will never get you curves, a round ass, or toned legs and arms… just going to leave that there!

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