Minimum effective dose (MED) is what most people overlook when they’re starting to think about getting in shape.

If I asked you what I’d need to do to get in shape, the ideas in your head might be like:

  • Go to the gym more
  • Eat healthier
  • Walk to work
  • Drink more water
  • Go to sleep earlier

All these are things that most personal trainers will action with you, but if you read the ideas wrote above, they’re not measurable. What makes up success and failure is entirely up to you, whether you want a new physique that requires drastic change, or a few small tweaks before your holiday.


The key to keep in mind is that… What’s the MED?


Some days you’re going to be firing on all cylinders, some days you’ll have to prise yourself off the bed kicking and screaming. So what are the MINIMUM EFFECTIVE DOSE things you can do to still keep on track, no matter how you’re feeling about stuff.

If you get more than the minimum done… fantastic! But, how can keep progress going?

When I work with clients, I (almost) set these MED things as separate to their goals of hitting the gym or nutrition targets because they ARE different.


“Well, duh, of course I can do THAT”…


…should be the words of choice when thinking about minimum effective dose. I’m not going to give you any specifics, as I don’t know who’s reading this. But here’s some of the ones that have worked well for clients in the past:

  • One glass of water every time you drink a coffee/ tea
  • Walk up and down stairs twice every time you go up
  • Jog on the spot between breaks of your favourite TV show (this one turned into a family event with her kids joining in)
  • One piece of fruit with every meal

The magic number I’ve found to work is 2-3 things that you can slot into your day right now, and then keep using to score some little “win’s” for yourself by the end of the week.

Please take my advice though and set this as separate from your bigger workout and nutrition goals, as I tell people to tie these into habits they already have, or things they have to do. For example:

  • One glass of water was recommended to a client who went through 5 coffees per day.
  • Walk up and down stairs twice was recommended to an office worker client who went down to the warehouse a few times per day.
  • Jog on the spot was recommended because she really didn’t have much time in her schedule for the first few weeks
  • One piece of fruit every meal… is recommended for everyone(including you, so go get a bit now)

On average, most people’s diets and fitness levels/ attitudes towards training are pretty mixed, but by adding these into your day. Two things happen:


  1. They take no extra time to perform, so it’s making the most of your time
  2. You start to feel better and a domino effect occurs, now that you’ve started, you’ll most likely want to continue.


This blog today is simply to encourage you to do things that make you feel a little bit better. No drastic changes, as this is aimed at the people who keep saying they want to get started but still are putting this off. Maybe this will start getting them off their/ you off your backside 🙂

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