1. Do I go training or not?!
  2. what do I need to bring?
  3. will the kids be ok?

These things will start to come up to your thoughts when thinking about getting back to Bootcamp or another G Fit workout, so here’s some guidelines about what you want to do in the hot weather:

– Drink a pint of water 90 mins before training: this will fill up your water reserves so to speak, and really help with fighting dehydration when training outside.

– Buy yourself a protein bar or sports drink to keep with you. This is for replacing electrolytes after training… water up to a certain point works well enough but sooner or later you’ll start losing nutrients in your body. The protein bar or drink will help if you’re feeling dizzy or faint.

– Slow down: simply by completing movements at a slower pace, you’ll burn less calories and sweat less. Your heart rate will be hammering worse then usual when training in heat. So by slowing down, you decrease the risk posed by the heat.

– Hydrate, an obvious one but during workouts you’ll need to be drinking 500ml minimum for every 30 minutes of exercise you do.

– Slip and slap: slip on a hat, for  both you and the kids… and then slap on some sunscreen at least 60 mins before training otherwise when you sweat, you’ll just leak sunscreen out via sweat glands. It has to have enough time to absorb properly.

– Lastly: colour coordinate your days. Black clothing isn’t going to be beneficial outside in the sun, simply because of its absorbent nature with heat…avoid this and go for brighter colours to keep cooler.

thats it, a quick one today and a few things that don’t take a lot of thought but can be the difference between fun in the sun,  and feeling like crap being outside!

enjoy the sun x



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