Rather than call this “what’s the best diet?”, i thought we’d begin this week with a look inside what good nutrition is and how it can be affected by certain things.

“Good Nutrition Controls Energy Balance” (credit: Precision Nutrition)

Food isn’t simply just fuel,processed through your body and comes out one of the other ends or through sweat. No, it’s much more than that.

It can affect your mood. It can describe who you are. It send messages to your nervous systems and cells to do what is needed.

Simply by you learning more about it, we can get away from mindlessly eating. The massive effects of good nutrition, are usually just on the other side of being more aware about food.

Energy Balance has to be, well, balanced… not too much of something, but also not too little.

With too little energy your body starts to shut down processes, and organ systems that are needed for survival. Too much energy & your body starts storing it as fat,even becoming resistant to certain important hormones.

“Good Nutrition Gives Us Nutrients”

Ever wonder why you can eat a whole pack of crisps or popcorn and not feel full?

It’s down to the nutrient content of the food. You being hungry means your body is craving vitamins and minerals, things that will help it keep you alive.

Certain foods are high in calories and low in nutrients, and some are the complete opposite, kinda like a giant scale.

If a food is low in calories but high in nutrients, its labelled: HIGH nutrient density

If a food is high in calories but low in nutrients, its labelled: LOW nutrient density

By getting lots of brightly coloured vegetables and fruit into your diet, you’ll be feeling better and getting High Nutrient Density foods in your diet. This is usually one of the first tasks i set new clients, so pay attention!

“Good Nutrition Is Outcome Based”

If you’re doing the right stuff, surely that’s what matters right?

Every thing you eat, does something inside of you. Whilst most people think they don’t eat that badly, if you can ask them to clarify this, you get a hazy response.

“How’s that working for you?” is a great question that is recommended by the course i’m on… and if a fantastic way to ask yourself.

For example, i had a customer the other day tell me that they’re having a red bull for breakfast, and then getting really hungry in the evening… do you think that was working for them?

Only 30% of people in the UK are having 5 portions of fruit and vegetables per day, but most people think they have a healthy, balanced diet.

” Good Nutrition Is About Removing Limiting Factors”

Lastly, the best thing to look at is getting your own hurdles out of your way. By adjusting your mindset to the fact you’re “getting fitter” as opposed to “being unfit” you’ll naturally be a bit more forgiving to yourself if you reach for those “low nutrient density” foods.

Becoming more active will make your body demand more food and burn more calories to stay alive. This is to cope with the increased demand you’re giving it… which is great!

Learn by listening to your body:

when you’re hungry

learning what makes you full

what about energetic, lethargic?

I hope this helps and gives you a lot to think about today! 😀 have a great week.

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