I’m sitting here now, writing this blog with my FitBit on my wrist, having already checked how many hours I slept last night.


But the reason you’re now reading such a positive title, is due to the fact that I’ve started feeling bad if I don’t sleep the amount of hours “I set myself”, for an arbitrary goal that I typed into my phone one morning. This has started to actually affect my self esteem.


Now, to show you how many “wearable fitness technologies” there are:


About 1,630,000 results <– straight from Google.


This market has exploded, and everyone you look at has to have the newest one as a status symbol… my question to you however is:


Do they make you fitter?


Sure, the step counters, calorie counters and heart rate monitors are helpful…

The little reminders on my FitBit are annoyingly motivating when it tells me: “10 more steps to go”


But, are they just dragging your self esteem down if you’re not measuring up for that day.


What is it about us as consumers thinking the replacement of a watch, with a little personal trainer is a good idea? Is it just another Nike, Under Armour, Gym Shark and the like for people to show off when they’re training?


I sometimes get a little jolt of disappointment when I don’t reach my step goal, and work with people every day, who are starting from a place of not meeting their own expectations on their health… so for me to be getting this little feeling of disappointment, (and I’m meant to be able to deal with it) I can imagine how other people feel about it too.


Sure, we all need something to keep us accountable. Show me someone who can avoid all temptation completely, please.

I get that it’s a good motivator and is encouraging people to move their feet and start knowing more about their heart-rate.


But I think the danger with these things, and again these are just my observations from talks I’ve had, is that people are starting to rely on their FitBit FOR motivation.


Some of my clients have gotten noticeably down in the dumps about not meeting their step goals, when they’ve already done a TRX & weight session with me.


If you need a bit more motivation, guidance with fitness and shedding a few pounds: FitBit’s will give you a kick up the butt and something to measure each day, just make sure you’re careful of not putting too much emphasis on:


“Unless I’ve hit my steps goals today, it’s been a failure!”


In the final thoughts for this blog post, I’d say it also covers a bigger picture of goal setting and achieving. Yes, by all means you should go for what you want, measure it and action on the steps you want to take… but don’t let this be your only form of fulfilment. If you do want a bit more motivation, click over to here: www.gfitpt.com/boot-camps


We’ll be happy to help 🙂

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