I wrote this for myself as a reminder of how i coach my clients on it…

…let’s hope you can learn something too!

I’m going to teach this for a fitness perspective, even though the information I’ll be reading & paraphrasing will be from business sector sites!


You’re going to want to come out all guns blazing with your new weight loss plan… whether it is from:

Starting a new one after New Year

Getting your motivation back

Changing your training and diet

A countdown to a holiday

And since this BIG, shiny goal is firmly in your head, your brain will go into overdrive coming up with solutions of how to get you there:

  • Dieting
  • Food tracking
  • Gym
  • Classes
  • Bringing a friend
  • Posting on FB
  • Ordering some sexy new workout stuff
  • Selfie the life out of your phone whilst you on the treadmill


BUT,,, if you try and keep this up for let’s say, longer than a week:


There is simply too much for your brain to be juggling, which causes overwhelm, which causes feelings of inadequacy, which causes you to revert back to old behaviours.


So how do we start to break these down into smaller tasks so you don’t get overwhelmed?

Here’s a couple of suggestions about WHY you’re getting overwhelmed and what to do about it:


  1. Find out what’s REALLY important – NOTHING is of completely equal importance, even though it might seem like it at the time. Even if you’ve got ten new habits you’re going to do each day with your fitness, juggling all those 10 will only lead to failure.

But, if you ask yourself, in say 8 weeks time, which of these will have the greatest impact on the outcome i want?

Some will definitely get you closer more than others, it’s just about being honest with yourself and finding out which ones it is!


  1. Working backwards – Your goal that you have in mind, the one that seems “SO” far away right now, will probably have a time limit, or hourly limit on it if you think about it…

How much work will you have to put in between now and the final date (when you’d like to have it done by)

What will you have to commit to doing, and what should you have started last week. By simply doing the maths on a situation, you can figure out daily, hourly and weekly what you need to be earning, calories burning, distance ran etc… break it down and get after it!


  1. Set deadlines with other people – this is a horrible one for me, but whenever i have agreed to something being on a certain date with someone, i ALWAYS find myself thinking about it more and more the closer it gets, try this at your own risk!


Organising your diary

When was the last time you really looked at your diary?

Your Facebook scrolling time, game playing whilst on the toilet, chatting with friends on Whatsapp whilst stuck in traffic… You can’t add more food onto an already full plate, so some of the other stuff has to come off, to then make time for the new habits you want to develop.

The biggest waste in time usually is from wondering what to do next, sitting there and doing anything to avoid making a decision about what’s next in the day!


Then this turns into getting NOTHING done and simply feeling bad due to having not stuck to what you said you would do!

To avoid doing this, i like using a FOUR point system,,, introduced to me by my mentor.

This means that if you could ONLY do four things today, to move your fitness/business/life towards the goal. What would those FOUR things be?

Then go do them!


How much time do you need?

15 minutes? Half an hour, 90 mins?

Be BRUTALLY honest about how much time you’ve got, and what you can get down in those hours…


Simple Suggestions:

Can you get up fifteen minutes earlier & prepare your own salad for lunch?

What’s stopping you from parking further away on the school run and walking a bit more?

When picking snacks for your kids and preparing healthy ones, are you doing a portion for yourself too?


The most important thing here is to not get overwhelmed, or to fight against it and let some stuff go if you’re already feeling like it… as the day WILL NEVER be any longer than 24 hours, so don’t waste half of it just feeling powerless!

Trust me, I’ve been doing that for a while and it serves NO ONE!

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