I hope you’ve all had a fantastic weekend and enjoyed the sunshine! 🙂

The other week i had someone come and ask me for a way to ease sciatic nerve pain, and although it isn’t my main area of expertise… i helped her out and it made me think about all the other people who are potentially reading this, who may know someone with sciatica.

I won’t go into what causes it, but it’s pain from (usually the lower back) and all the way down the leg… So, here’s a couple of stretches that can really help it:

The first is a stretch for your glute/ butt cheeks, and this is simple enough to explain from the pictures, but whilst doing it… push down on your knee that’s crossed over. This will increase the stretch on your butt cheek and release some of the sciatica tension.

Steps – One foot on the other knee. Bring the lower leg off the floor. Push down on the crossed knee


This is also to stretch out the butt cheeks, and also part of the lower back muscles. If you find it hard to get down the whole way to the floor, move your front leg slightly more into a right angle… this should help.

Steps – Sit on the floor. Place “sciatica” leg bent in front of you. Push your chest and forehead to the floor.


Finally, this one concentrates into your hamstring muscles (back of thigh) and one called your piriformis. By placing your foot on a raised surface, then pull your toes back towards yourself as you do it. This will make the stretch harder.

Steps – Place the sciatica leg on a raised surface. Straighten knee and pull toes towards you. Lean your chest into the stretch and hold for 15-20 seconds.


That’s it 🙂


These stretches aren’t going to be a catch all for every part of the pain, but for anyone who is suffering/ does suffer from sciatica pain every now and then… these stretches are great to know.

After that it’s important to strengthen the muscles that get affected by sciatica pain such as:

  • lower back
  • butt cheeks
  • thigh muscles

If you want more information about how you can exercise these safely, as i’ve got no doubt that if you DO get sciatica pain… you’re probably nervous about making it way worse. Please contact me on info@gfitpt.com, and we can get you to a group workout that will help strengthen those muscles, and this will ease the pain in everyday life!

For further help, if you really need it! There’s is always sports massage therapy which is also available above!

Have a good day 🙂

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