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Having strong pelvic floor muscles will give you control over the bladder and bowel. Weakened pelvic floor muscles mean the internal organs are not fully supported and you may have difficulty controlling the release of urine, faeces (poop) or wind. This also can affect how your intestinal walls are protected as weakened pelvic floor muscles means that you lose a bit of control with “holding it in”

Common causes of a weakened pelvic floor include childbirth, obesity and the associated straining of chronic constipation. Pelvic floor (PF) exercises are designed to improve muscle tone and prevent the need for corrective surgery.

PF muscles are the layer of muscles that support the pelvic organs and span the bottom of the pelvis. The pelvic organs are the bladder and bowel in men, bladder, bowel and uterus in women. So you can see that it covers some pretty important areas, which is why you’ll need to look at the exercises below.

The pelvic floor muscles stretch like a muscular trampoline from the tailbone (coccyx) to the pubic bone (front to back) and from one sitting bone to the other sitting bone (side to side). These muscles are normally firm and thick.

Imagine the pelvic floor muscles as a round mini-trampoline made of firm muscle. Just like a trampoline, the pelvic floor is able to move down and up. The bladder, uterus (for women) and bowel lie on the pelvic floor muscle layer.

Although the pelvic floor is hidden from view, it can be consciously controlled and therefore trained, much like our arm, leg or abdominal muscles. So there’s no excuse for you not getting down and training these a bit per day, to protect all your vital areas we spoke about above.

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