I’m showing my age with the title here, but for people who don’t know/ remember who this is…


Jiminy Cricket was the little grasshopper in Pinocchio that acted as his conscience, and would try to lead him down the path of good when he was about to “be bad”. Which is a lot like how most people describe their dealing with their own conscience, when it comes to snacking, drinking or skipping workouts.


Now, although Pinocchio’s ears were made of wood (you might think your kids are too). He also had one advantage over all of us, he didn’t carry a smart phone. Any time we get five mins, 30 seconds or even stuck in traffic to ourselves… out comes the phone.

So there’s a built in distraction where we can:


  • Browse social media
  • Check out pics on Instagram
  • Google stuff we were looking at earlier
  • Text friends and check the weather


But, when you do this… it’s diminishing the amount of quality time you’re getting with your own little “Jiminy Cricket”. Therefore, I’d like to set you a challenge today.


Be in the moment!


Make it a conscious choice today, not to do any of the following:


  • As soon as it rings, pick it up and respond
  • Spend time where you know you’ll be waiting by immediately picking up your phone… take a 3 minute rest beforehand and just listen to your own thoughts


Instead, try one of the following:


  • Set an ‘airplane mode’ challenge, where you see how long you can leave your phone on airplane mode tonight… the earlier you switch it off, the earlier you switch off.
  • Write out your goals on your phone for the next 6 months, just spend some time listening to you… and doesn’t matter how out there the goals are either! J


I want you to start listening to your gut, Jiminy Cricket and self more… what is it telling you that you’re just not hearing?


What is it saying that you need to progress further on with whatever you’ve got going on?


What decision or difficult question have you been delaying asking of yourself through distractions and noise?

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