If I Only Had A Tenner…

Happy hump-day everyone, and i’ve decided to take a slightly different track with this blog today. The title came to me as a common problem people seem to focus on is not having enough things to do at the gym.

So to solve this problem, i’m going to make an assumption about you…

You have at least £10 you could spend on fitness :O (i know how presumptuous of me)

But my point is that, nowadays you don’t have to spend a lot of money on things to make a HUGE difference to your training, just throw in a bit of creativity and look at a few youtube videos and away we go!

So first up, my favourite bit of equipment by far is a suspension trainer. These range from a couple of £10 notes up and above the £200 mark, but in my opinion… there’s not much difference in quality.

As long as you get it from a reputable company with a warranty, you’re good to go. TRX stole the market share when they first hit the scene, but so many manufacturers now make their own excellent products… that it makes no sense to purchase a TRX when the same ball-park of quality can be had for next to half the price.

WHY Suspension trainers?

Their versatility, their home-use, their use,well, anywhere!

Simply by putting various limbs in various position on the straps (get your mind out of the gutter) you can hit any muscle group with a increasing level of difficulty.

They have a very small chance of injury, and can give you a full body workout in 15 mins or less.


Next, we go onto kettlebells, these bad boys are rumoured to be a design from Russia, and i don’t really care where they came from… but you can pick up to around a 10kg kettlebell for under £15 depending on where you shop.

Now these are MEANT to be used for dynamic, swinging movements and as such carry a higher risk of injury (so make sure you get proper instruction) but are fantastic for fat loss, muscle strength and size gains… and just making you fit as a fiddle.

Amazon is a pretty good place to start, and my advice would be to either get a plastic one for outdoor training… limits rust. Or, a metal one for indoors as these seem more durable with better grips.

It amazes me how many people buy exercise equipment and don’t consider that they’re going to be used when you’re sweaty, tired and technique is failing… safety first people!


Resistance bands for my third choice. We could look at foam rollers, medicine balls, yoga matts and the list goes on and on, but for (again) versatility… i’ve got to choose resistance bands.

These can be tied into knots, wrapped around door handles, tables, chairs, under your feet, used against your body weight, folded in half or quarters… it’s all about know-how!

Every single muscle in your body can be worked out with these things, and Youtube is your best friend once again to provide the exercises… unless maybe i’ll take one on holiday with me and get to work!


These are the three things i’d definitely recommend any home workout bunny to have… and maybe a DVD of Charlotte Crosby/ Insanity if you want someone to copy.


Happy hump day! x



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