Pre Drinking

The night out MIGHT be unplanned, in which case… You’ll not be able to prepare for it.

But good things to line your stomach with are:

  1. Green Tea as it is good for the liver.

Green tea helps reduce Fat Storage in the liver. Your liver is where you process alcohol, so the green tea will be like giving it a Red Bull for a boost before a night shift! J

  1. Natural Fat Content Foods

Avocado, Salmon, Tuna or Nuts have higher fat content, fats slow down the rate in which nutrient get into your bloodstream. So instead of getting pushed in at the deep end, your body will release alcohol into your blood slower.

  1. Olives or Nuts as a Pub Snack

Again worth mentioning nuts… and olives in this case as most metrosexual modern gastro-pubs… these are an acceptable bar snack!

Both have the fat content we’re looking for with the same reasons as the above foods.

During The Night

  1. Down a pint of water when you get there. To any venue, you go… stick to this rule!

It may make you need a trip to the bathroom more, but having this rule will do you so many favours. Hydration and to even out the levels of alcohol in your system.

  1. For BAD BREATH drink fruit juice as a mixer or drinks with lemon/lime/strawberry in them.

We’ll come onto mixers in a bit, but these fruits encourage more saliva in your mouth, so help fight against oral bacteria which cause bad breath.

  1. G & T(Low Cal) is the best ‘mixed drink’ Calorie Wise

Low cal tonics, soda water & fruit juices are the best mixers to have with your drinks if you cant stick to wine, which unit for unit is the LOWER CALORIE drink.


In general, cokes and lemonades are the most calorific, yes even diet coke is just a syrup mixed with gas… this makes it fizzy. If you can stick to things like:

  • fruit juices
  • low cal tonic
  • soda water

These are so much better for you on saving those calories, and whilst it might only make a small difference… they mount up quickly.

After Burners!

If you have to have your eating fix when you leave the venue, then the best calorific meal in my opinion is to have a chicken kebab, without the pitta covered in grease!

The sauces may be tempting, so have a lil bit as a sugar burst if you want, but the chicken will give you some excellent amino acids, along with the salad providing fresh nutrients.

When you get home, if you CAN remember to, make sure you have a glass of water with a pinch of salt.

This helps replace your body’s sodium levels that will be pee’d out during the night! …

Or through vomiting!

The Morning After!

Some Good Meals Ideas are:

Egg on Wholemeal Toast – Protein rich & help to mop up alcoholic toxins that are left in your body.

Coconut Water & Bananas – Both high in potassium, helps you feel better quickly! If you feel like not eating, whack these into a smoothie maker!

It’s part of the fun, and more importantly is most definitely allowed as long as it’s not too often.

Have a good day guys 🙂

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