Credit where credit is due, i consume a LOT of content on food, nutrition and exercise each and every day. This blog post that landed in my inbox last week was something that immediately caught my attention as i’ve been prepping my own meals recently.

And the article was, without doubt, short: to the point: helpful: actionable: precise!

Everything you’d want in a blog 🙂

So, i thought i’d give my take on these here, and you can find the original article linked below:

5 Easy Food Prep Tips For The Summer

Buy Your Meat In Bulk

The first tip is to buy meat in bulk, there are a lot of good local butchers that frankly will knock the pants off the regular places you’d buy meat. Bag these up, plan your meals and freeze!

I’d add a tip to set yourself alarms on your phone for defrosting your meat, one day or a couple days in advance at a time… there’s nothing worse than looking forward to having a decent steak for dinner and then finding out you’ve got to microwave the goodness out of it!

Disposable TupperWare

…can be bought from Home Bargains 🙂 or Aldi, or any other shop you go to for bugger all! You might not like eating out of tubs, in which case you can just whack it onto a plate. However, this is a fantastic way to batch cook your meals at once, leave them to cool and then portion them into sizes for later in the fridge.

Also, to stop yourself going a bit crazy on eating the SAME stuff, maybe try cooking something else whilst you’re preparing the family meal… it will give you something to do whilst the first meal is cooking… and will be another option for you to chow down!

Cook Once Per Day

Hate the morning school run? Then get up 30-40 minutes earlier and do all your cooking for the day. That way you get an easy start on the morning, are up before the kids so are ready to tackle them into the car, and also your future self will thank you after you’ve had a hard day and don’t feel like cooking.


Most of you know that i’ve got a CHEAP smoothie maker, i begrudge paying Nutri-Bullet over £90 for what is essentially a fast knife… but these ready available tools are there to be used and abused. Most of them are really solid to boot and can save you lots of time on prepping veg and fruit.

Slow Cooker

Kind of the same as above, but by saving the time of cooking in the morning or night before, and then leaving it to simmer. You’ve got a lunch or dinner that’s made to order, i’d add to this that by having both fridge AND slow cooker options… you’re much less likely to snack as food no longer becomes an after thought.


99% of problems come from reactionary eating…. something you react to! You’ll be going about your day to day routine and food and nutrition is NOT at the forefront, let’s be honest… unless you’re planning where to go and find the healthiest option during your lunch hour. It will end up being a Tesco meal deal 9 times out of 10!


I’d encourage you to read the UP Fitness blog and follow their updates too if you can, it’s got some great articles! Have a good day and at least try prepping, don’t just write it off as something for people with time to do. You’ll be surprised at how quick it becomes 🙂

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