Core Strength by Zoe

Core strength, core stability are among the most common things we get asked to help improve… here’s why!

Many people make the mistake of thinking that training your core is predominantly a form of ab work. They may just do a load of crunches or sit ups, however the core is much more than just a set of visible abdominal muscles.

The core area incorporates the deep transverse abdominal muscles, the obliques, the muscles of the lower back and glutes (bum) and the structure of the pelvis. This is the most sciencey I get in this post.

Having a strong core is like have a snug fitting support, that wraps itself around you and protects you from your shoulders down to your knees.

Your core area takes the strain of all of your everyday activities so that impact and load doesn’t land directly on your bones.

Core strength aids in the following:

-Pulling in the stomach
-Aids balance, co-ordination and flexibility
– Supports the lower back, minimising risk of injury and back ache
-Encouraging good posture and better flexibility of the hips

So in short core work is a vital part of any exercise regime which can easily be performed at home

So next time the thought of holding a plank fills you with dread remember all of the positive effects it’s having on many part of your body.

Most people have quite bad posture, to some degree and this is down to our modern lifestyles, modern seating positions and lack of knowledge about what the longer term effects can be.

Core strength/stability literally means: the ability to rely on your core to keep your skeletal structure strong through all of the movements you put it through.

So if it effects you on a day to day basis, you better make it a priority!

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