I often hear clients and customers, friends and family saying:

“I wish it was the weekend” … and other stuff along these lines. 5 days of “work” for two days of free time.

You might even know people like this yourself, and it’s mainly down to your week’s not seeming like they’re on your own time.

You might be working for someone else, picking up and dropping off a family member to a function etc, shopping gets done during the week, all this stuff we seemingly have to do.

I decided to actually question my friend a little further the other day, and asked him what he likes about the weekend vs. the week. Here’s what he told me:

“I can go crazy on the weekend, eat & drink whatever I want. Then on Monday its back to being good”

This is the problem with a lot of people’s diets, where they’ll be good during the week and then let it all go on the weekend.

Just look at Slimming World as an example:

Get weighed in, feel great about losing weight, have a takeaway to celebrate!

These two things are inter-linked by our brains, as we all have patterns and habits that cross over, so by correcting one… we’ll also start to correct the other J Therefore, by integrating your weekend mentality into your week, you’ll be able to try a different approach.

(This isn’t me telling you to just eat whatever you want all the time)

Your views on dieting (if they’re like mine) go something along the lines of:

“I know what I should be eating, but find it hard to stick to” <– this is where me checking up on you comes in handy, as I’ll make you stick to what you’re telling me you’re eating.

So this is the love/hate of wanting to eat good foods, but then becoming distracted by the flavours, sounds and smells of the weekend.

How can we start to integrate the two?

Think of a GREAT night out this year, one where you drank all night, danced until morning, was out with friends etc…

Woke up the next morning… hungover, dry mouth, headache, bit of kebab on your pillow, dead tired for the next day 😀


We don’t remember that bit though do we? Our brain is selective when it processes memories, and it’s the same selective processing which makes McDonald’s seem so tempting… when in reality you feel like crap after eating it.

Healthy food is the week. “Fun” food and alcohol are the weekend.

So, by thinking about what’s coming up this weekend, and weighing the options with a clear head… you might not start to hate the weekend as much! 😀


This is an observational post, nothing more. I’m wanting to bring your attention to the fact of selective processing, and how we all tend to view certain things in different lights. Hopefully this will pop into your head during the week, and make you  go for the healthy option, and feel great after!

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