Let’s talk snacks, and more importantly, healthy snacks that you can implement into your busy schedule straight away.
Monday comes around, you check Facebook for a bit, get yourself and the kids ready for school as much as possible and then rush out the door.

Before you know it, you’ve forgotten to have breakfast, any snacks are quick bags of crisps or chocolate, or a sandwich from a coffee shop, and that’s if you remember to grab something… i mean:

“somethings, better than nothing right?”

As the trainer, I dig into the things you’ve forgotten to do 🙂 mainly because you’re saying about:

“low energy later in the day”

and probably have a lot on your plate. However, by keeping your calories up and eating right… you’ll go a long way to diminishing the caffeine cravings and need for a MASSIVE dinner when you do get five minutes to yourself!

Therefore, if you can buy these healthy snacks on the next food shop, or in your lunch break. Keep them at your desk or in your bag and it’ll be just the quick fix needed to stop the hunger bear in your stomach that keeps growling.

Snack 1: Fruit – Whether it’s a banana in your bag, an orange in your filing drawer or whatever. These need to be consciously bought, and left in places where they’re easy to get for you. If you’re constantly on the move, buy some berries and get a little bag to keep them in! But they’re full of good sugars to boost your energy, and won’t cost a whole lot of calories.

Snack 2: Nuts – Small portions from nuts such as pistachios, cashews or almonds all have a pretty good protein burst, along with fats and vitamins that will keep you going for a bit longer. Remember snacks AREN’T meal replacements. They’re there to keep your satisfied until you can eat a proper meal.

Snack 3: CheeseStrings – I might get a few questions about this one, but the levels of calcium, proteins and fats in these are all good for you… and more importantly, it’s easy to carry around with you. Remember, we’re looking for snacks for busy people.

Snack 4: Protein Bar: Walk past a supermarket or mini-market? Grab one of these!

Again, these aren’t going to be ideal and you’ll want to read the labels to check things like the sugar content. But they’re going to have a nice caloric boost to your energy levels and will be healthier than crisps.

All we’re going for here is healthier options than what you’re currently having.

Snack 5: Ryvitas & Peanut Butter – I’m pretty convinced that if there was a national plague that wiped everyone out, 100 years from now Ryvita’s would still be edible… they don’t seem to go out of date 😀

By combining these two little snacks, you’re getting carb’s from the wholemeal crackers, protein and fats from the peanut butter… everything you need to stock up your muscles and blood supply full of energy and calories and keeping that metabolism high!

The options I’ve gave above are meant to be healthy snacks. We can always fix your diet more and more towards the ideal… but this article is wrote for people who are seeing any sign of an expanding waistline, stress levels at work hitting overdrive & need 5-20 coffees per day or the ones who want to feel a bit better. Why not share it with them and see if they thank you for it!


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