“What Can I Do To Get Rid Of…”

One of the questions I get asked a lot:

“what can I do to get rid of ……. ?”

Almost everyone is desperate to lose fat from a specific area whilst forgetting about their lifestyle, it’s one problem area in most people’s opinion. Rather than being down to their lifestyle, training or lack of proper nutrition.

Sure, it would be nice to perform a particular set of exercises to reduce the fat from this area, and the popular belief is that sit ups and crunches are best for getting a flat stomach.

For most people we encounter at G Fit, the theory behind spot reduction is you simply perform a set of exercises  targeting the problem area, and you will reduce the fat.

One simple example is an abdominal crunch, you perform an abdominal crunch repeatedly, but also run the risk of  straining your abdominal muscles if you keep performing this exercise vigorously enough.

Yes your muscles will grow larger and stronger, but this isn’t dropping the fat levels surrounding the muscle.

When food is consumed, excess calories are transformed into fat. When your body resorts to burning fat stores, particularly in times when carbs are low.  Fat from the entire body is burned instead of from a certain spot, so exercising a particular muscle group may be a valuable exercise for muscle building. But you simply cannot spot reduce that particular fatty area.

If you want to lose fat from a particular area, you have to lose fat overall. Your nutrition plays a huge part and you need to exercise the whole body, 70% of all fitness and weight loss goals are nutrition based. You sweat all over, your body heats up all over during exercise, and you put fat on all over when you eat, so to believe in spot reducing will set you up for failure.

In an ideal world it would be great if spot reduction were possible, we all would certainly like to be sporting a 6 pack and have the perfect thigh gap. Sadly this is not the case so please don’t waste your time trying to spot reduce a certain area.


Love Zoe x

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