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Get G Fit with Glenn Shelford

Helping over 100 people per week, G Fit’s quickly blossomed into a four location outdoor & indoor group fitness business, which also offers personal training.

G-Fit Clients

Sarah has lost one and a half stone with G Fit

Sarah's improved her G fitness“A massive thank you to Glenn for pushing us and helping us push ourselves.

I didn’t notice how I’d changed until I put on a top that didn’t fit. I put it down to my boobs being too big but, in reality, I was.

Today it fits beautifully and I can show it to the friend who brought it for me. Never thought that would happen! You’ve inspired and helped me achieve things I didn’t think possible xx”

Glenn’s Mum now feels 20 years younger!

Glenn's mum improved her G fitness“I’m 60 years old. With every diet, I’d lose weight only to put it back, plus more!

I’ve been training with Glenn for two years and now exercise at least three times per week. I’ve lost 2 and a half stone and dropped two dress sizes.

I feel stronger and fitter than when I was 40! Glenn knows just how to get the best out of me – he knows about my arthritic knees – without being too pushy.”

After 4 weeks at Boot Camp, Lina gets some remarkable results

Lina decided to try out G Fit Boot Camp for the first time.

After just a few weeks working out, Glenn telephones Lina.

What has been the result so far, after all her hard work? Listen in and find out!

Permission was given to use this audio by Lina Iameo

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